Gaidaros: Systems analyzer for security vulnerabilities

The is designed to be a fast and easy to use vulnerability tool focused on the Apache Web Server.

It is an automated pentesting, open source program, for detecting and exploiting the vulnerabilities of Web Applications. It comes with many powerful features for a complete yet correct testing.

He specializes in the Reconnaissance phase with the help of the OSINT Framework, which he makes the most of. Of course this program can in no way replace a penetration tester, but it is a great help as it contains many features to save time but also to get a first taste of the security of its server.

Gaidaros - The Land of The Broken Minds


  • Full Recognition
  • Apache Vuln
  • Common Web Application Vulner Scanner
  • OWASP Scanner
  • Post-scan Reporting


Gaidaros is essentially a Python script, so you need it Python to run this program
sudo apt install python3

Pip3 is also required to download the necessary python packages
sudo apt install python3-pip

You can download Gaidaros the Git repository:
git clone

Install the requirements for the script to work properly:
cd Gaidaros
pip3 install -r requirements.txt


For the help command, you can run the following command:
sudo python3 -h

Add your own apikeys to use some of the sections
nano ./conf/keys.json

You need to install python-docx for Python3 to create a report
pip3 install python-docx

And of course a software to open and edit the MS docx file directly on your linux machine
sudo apt install libreoffice

You can download the program from here. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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