On 23 January the Galaxy Note 7 explosion results

Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 stoppage was one of the biggest product security failures in technology history, and the real cause of the explosions observed on the devices is still unknown.

According to a publication, Samsung will release the results of its January 23 survey.

In just one week from today, Samsung will publish the results of its extensive public research, according to Reuters. Earlier this month, company officials said the results will be known before the end of January, while the new release says Samsung will release them a day before announcing its earnings for the fourth quarter of 2016.Galaxy Note 7

The anonymous source said the company was able to reproduce the fire during its investigation and concluded that the battery is the main culprit.

The tests performed by Samsung on Galaxy Note 7 have not shown any defects in hardware design or software. Some people in the past believed that the symmetrical design or high processing power of Note 7 may have helped fire the device, but the new report denies these claims. Other analysts believe that Samsung did not give enough space to the Note 7 battery.

In any case, we will learn on 23 in January, when the company will announce in addition to the causes, and the new steps it has taken to avoid similar problems in the future. Samsung said it had used third-party laboratories to help with the Galaxy Note 7 battery explosion research.

The South Korean corporation must reassure its customers in order to regain confidence before launching the upcoming Galaxy S8, to be held sometime in April.

The Galaxy S series is usually released early this year, but with this model, Samsung is trying to extend the quality testing of the device by trying to make sure it does not re-experience the 2016 fixture.

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