France banned the sale of the iPhone 12 due to high radiation

The recent decision by French regulators to stop the sale of the iPhone 12 (a 2020 device) due to concerns about the level of electromagnetic radiation has sparked a heated debate about the device.

iphone 12

The French government agency responsible for managing wireless communications frequencies decided to stop distribution of the iPhone 12 after it failed one of two tests for electromagnetic waves that can be absorbed by the human body.

The failure was attributed to slightly higher than standard radiation limits set by the EU. However, its digital services minister s stresses that iPhone 12 radiation levels are still considered safe and well below levels that could harm users.

Apple that recently announced the iPhone 15 has given a lot of lab results, both from the company itself and from third-party labs, proving the iPhone 12's compliance with international standards for radiation.

In addition, the company assures users that they can download an update to prevent radiation exposure from exceeding the limit.

But France has temporarily banned the sale of the iPhone 12 over concerns about high levels of radiation emissions.

For now, the ban is temporary and iPhone 12 users are advised to download the update that prevents radiation exposure from exceeding the limit.
However, after France, followed by Belgium, which recently ordered a review of the device by the country's regulatory authorities. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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