France bonuses car withdrawal for electric bike purchase

France is rewarding its citizens with €2.500 to get rid of their car and buy .


France is the latest country to offer a cash incentive for its citizens to get out of their cars and get around by greener means s. It offers residents €2.500 to trade in their old polluting car for an electric bike. Yes, an electric bike.

At the beginning of this weekFrance's parliament approved the measure in a preliminary vote. The French Federation of Cyclists claims that if France goes ahead with the plan, will be the first nation in the world which will give to owners of old cars for the purchase of new electric bicycles.

Although this is not exactly the case, since Finland has already made a similar discount, with which its citizens had exchanged their old for the purchase of more than 2.000 bicycles, 1.000 new low-emission cars and 100 public transport tickets.

Similarly, Lithuania also offered such a program last year. The Environmental Project Management Organization (APVA) offered the residents € 1.000 if they withdrew their old car. The money could then be used for anything from escooters, ebikes, public transport tickets, etc. The program was considered successful, with more than 8.500 people applying for the grant. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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