Gallup the biggest fear of Americans is hacking

A New Age in Crime. According to a survey published by Gallup on Monday, the crime that Americans are afraid of is to steal their credit card details from hackers.

A Gallup survey found that 69 percent of US residents worry more "often" or "occasionally" than hackers steal their credit card details from the stores that have used it.hacking

The second most common fear of crime in America, according to the research, is that a phone should not be stolen or a computer hacked and personal information leaked. 62% of respondents said they were concerned at least "occasionally" about it.

The two above hacking crimes are much worse than house burglaries and car thefts, according to the poll. This may be because stolen information has been leaked from too many people lately, says Gallup.

Gallup went on to say that 27% of Americans said he or a family member had "lost" their credit card information by hacking into a store that used it. Last year, Target experienced the second largest hack in history, when criminals stole information from about 40 million debit and credit cards.

Below are the top crimes that Americans fear "occasionally" or "often," according to the poll.

Gallup survey
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Large-scale violations and leaks that have taken place lately, especially during the holiday season, affect the economy in many ways. Customers are moving away from online shopping and are less likely to use debit and credit cards in the future, choosing to use cash, says Gallup.

People whose wages reach $ 75.000 a year worry more about those earning less for stealing their credit card details. This may be because people with higher wages spend more, and are more likely to have credit cards, the company said.

The new statistics are part of Gallu's latest annual poll on crime. The company conducted the survey with more than 1.000 Americans from all 50 states from 12 to 15 October All respondents were over 18 years old.

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