So it should be the Game Center on iOS 7 [Concept]


Maciburko, known for his concept designs, has created and released a redesigned interface for Game Center that drives the design of iOS 6. Finally, the wooden surfaces.

"I think the Game Center should not have a tab bar but a menu that will appear when you want" said Maciburko. "The reason I believe this is that the Me tab and the Friends request tab are not used as often, unlike the App Store where you move between all the tabs much more often so in this case the tab bar makes sense. In addition, I believe that only the achievments below the title of the game should be shown and not the position you are among the other players. «

We hope that iOS 7 will be updated and will have an improved aesthetic in its graphics. Maciburko's concept is beautiful and I hope iOS in general takes such a slope.

Dimitrios Georgoulas @ GreekAppleNews

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