Game Mods: Official support comes in Windows 10

Game Mods on Windows 10? It seems that Microsoft is preparing to add official support for game mods through the Store app. A new folder in the latest version of Fast Ring for Insiders, shows us that the new feature will be Xbox devices with Game Pass and computers.

The new folder is in Program Files \ ModifableWindowsApps, and can be found in Windows 10 build 19841. The new folder already contains some data, such as themes, icons, and app logos.

Game Mods

The folder is intended to store resources that users can modify instead of directly changing from the files of each installed application. This will of course allow the installation of mods.

Each application that supports mods will have one or more subfolders under the ModifableWindowsApps folder.

Game Mods Continuity: It is not clear at this time whether this feature will be available for Win32 games and applications available through the Store or will only work for UWP applications in the company's store.

Let's wait for the official announcement that will probably come with their next version Windows which will be released on Fast Ring.

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