2.5 million accounts were passed by gamer forums

Data belonging to 2,5 million members of the two game forums that were hacked into 2015 are released freely online. 2015, two XBOX360 ISO and PSP ISO games forums were violated. Both forums helped players gain access to illegal game copies of Xbox and PlayStation.

According to the information available, PSP ISO was violated in September of 2015, and nearly 1,3 million emails (email, hashed passwords and IP addresses were leaked) Xbox 360 ISO was violated for about the same time period, exposing 1,2 million accounts (email, IP address, password hashes).Forums

Of course no one knows who or who is behind the hack. However, the above information is available on-line, and it is a good idea if you had an account on these websites to change passwords. You should also be especially careful about phishing attacks.

But we must say that in order to freely circulate the data, it probably will not be of any value to hackers who have probably already used the information. Moreover, it has been a long time since the violation and most users have already taken some precautionary measures.

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Troy Hunt, founder of Have I Been Pwned, a site where you can enter your email address and find out if there is any information from hacked data lists, says that none of the leaked information was encrypted.

"Both forums used hashes (which are not encryption!) To store passwords, but they used a very weak algorithm making encryption almost useless."

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