GCHQ asked the New York Times to destroy Snowden's records

A few days ago we had published her decision Guardian to work with the New York Times to be able to publish more Snowden files. The Secret Service of the United Kingdom (GCHQ) but has a contrary view. With another move that shows how much today's governments respect the freedom of the press, the British authorities have asked the New York Times to destroy all its records Edward Snowden that they have in their hands.

GCHQEarlier this week, The Guardian revealed that GCHQ had destroyed its hard drives, when the newspaper respondents refused to hand over the files they displayed NSA.

A few days later, the British newspaper said it would work with the New York Times, giving them access to the files that contain the name of GCHQ. This move was based on the fact that journalists are more protected in the United States.

Now, GCHQ has failed to find a solution with the Guardian turned to the New York Times in the hope of persuading them to destroy incriminating records.

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