GCompris 3 free education for children 2 - 10 years old

The GCompris 3.0 open-source educational software suite, which provides entertainment tools for children aged 2 to 10, is available for download with new and improved activities.

GCompris is one of the oldest and most popular open source educational software suites for almost all operating systems (it also supports GNU / Linux distributions) and the new version, GCompris 3.0, offers more hours of fun and entertainment for your children.gcompris menu

Highlights of GCompris 3.0 include many new activities, such as the Baby Mouse that will help children interact with a computer for the first time, Oware a traditional African strategy game, positions that help children learn the terms that describe relevant position of an object and sentence ordering to help children practice reading and grammar by ordering parts of a sentence.

Other new activities include coding and decoding a path that will allow children to follow a defined path in a set of paths and also to create the path corresponding to a defined set of directions, respectively.gcompris


In addition, the Number Sorting and Letter Sorting activities promise to help children practice ordering numbers and letters in ascending or descending order, and the Decimal Numbers and Percentage Learning activities will help children learn the meaning of decimal numbers as well. and the information they need to know the percentages. Learn decimal additions and subtractions, easily as a game.



In addition to new features, GCompris 3.0 enhances existing features with new features. For example, the Analog Electricity activity now has a new set of learning levels, the Programming Maze activity has new features, the Magic Hat activity provides data for younger children, and the Solar System activity now uses Earth days and years as units for all supported planets.

Last but not least, Geography's activities have been updated with new maps, and Tangram's activities have received new images and visual enhancements, and there is a new Inkscape extension for creating SVG maps and puzzles.

Download the application for the operating system you are interested in

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