Funding 3 million to George Hotz for self-guided kit

Do you know George Hotz? If the name does not tell you anything is the hacker who unlocked the iPhone right after the release of hotz

Last year, George Hotz or geohot, as he was known on the internet, managed to pull the lights off when he presented an impressive technology using neural networks that he had built and turned a conventional car into a self-propelled vehicle.

His project started in the garage of his home and the tests were done in his own car.

In a nutshell, he managed to add to a 2016 Acura ILX, a laser radar (lidar) and with his own custom-made software competes with the Tesla autopilot.

With this technology in his hands Hotz managed to get a sponsor, who funded company with 3.1 million dollars, according to Recode.

Hotz's company aims to provide a car conversion kit for self-driving vehicles. The revolutionary kit will work on all modern cars and will cost "under $ 1.000."

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The ambitious Mr. Hotz told Recode that he plans to reach out to automakers and ask them to access their APIs. If companies do not accept it does not intend to put it down, but will consider modifying its software.

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