The German police are asking for help finding a MAC address

German police are searching for the MAC address of a mobile phone, the owner of which is blackmailing the transport company DHL, sending bombs through it.


In the world of internet and electronics it seems we still have a lot to hear. The reason for the German police, who have been entrusted to the citizens of Germany, to help them find a mobile phone with a specific MAC address.

The owner seems to be a blackmailer of the private courier company DHL, as between November 2017 and April 2018, he delivered improvised explosive devices through DHL to different addresses in Brandenburg and Berlin. In addition, he asked DHL for 10 million euros in bitcoins, to stop his activity.

The bomb packages contained nails, screws and explosive powder from fireworks. One of them was picked up in 2017, from a central pharmacy, next to a market with Christmas items, resulting in the evacuation of the market. German police found a message in the package, in which the extortionist threatened to send more parcels, unless DHL made the payment.

During the investigation, the German police managed to communicate via e-mail, several times with the blackmailer, and managed to record the MAC address of the Motorola device, which is f8: e0: 79: af: 57: eb.

Since each electronic device comes with a unique MAC address, German police are trying to use this information to map all the public and private Wi-Fi networks used by the culprit, possibly hoping to locate him through any CCTV cameras.

Although the MAC address of a device can be easily tampered with, the Brandenburg State Police Service LKA asked the citizens to check their wireless routers and their network logs (!!!), for the specific MAC address and to provide information via e-mail [email protected] .

Apparently they believe that the perpetrator uses private WiFi that their rightful owners the default password has not been changed.



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