What does the agreement between Google and Getty Images mean?

Getty Images he said an agreement he made with Google. The agreement between the two companies includes a global licensing partnership between them, which will be accompanied by some changes to Google images.

What does this mean;

If you search for images in Google Images right now, you will see an "image" button on the results page, which often displays the largest version of the image you are interested in.Getty Images

Getty Images has filed a lawsuit against Google in the European Union and the United States over this button that allows high-resolution images to be downloaded directly from the Google Image results page rather than from the web page that contains the image.

So those who want an image can view it and download it from Google without ever visiting the site where the photo was posted.

The official announcement on the Getty Images website reveals very little about the deal, but an email sent to companies and photographers working with Getty Images provides more details about the deal.

So Getty Images reports in the message, (published by Peta Pixel), that the company withdrew the complaint because Google recognized the issue. Google has agreed to make changes to the image search engine to address the behavior that worries Getty Images, and according to the email, this will "benefit all image owners worldwide."

Google will remove the image view button and display copyright notices on Google images.

It is not clear at this time whether the change will affect only Getty Images or all images displayed by Google Images, but it is very likely that Google will completely remove the functionality from the image search engine.

Let's wait and see.

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