Ghauri: Automated SQLi exploit tool

An advanced cross-platform tool that automates the process of detecting and exploiting SQL injection vulnerabilities. It is open source, written in python, and aims to take our hands off sqli exploitation.



  • It supports the following types of payloads:
    • Boolean based.
    • Error Based
    • Time Based
    • Stacked Queries
  • SQL injection support for the following DBMS:
    • MySQL
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • Postgre
    • Oracle
  • It supports the following injection types:
    • GET/POST Based injections
    • Headers Based injections
    • Cookies Based injections
    • Multipart Form data injections
    • JSON based injections
  • Supports proxy selection --proxy.
  • Supports parsing request from txt file:-r file.txt
  • Supports restricting data dump for dbs/tables/columns/dump:–start 1 –stop 2


  • Python 3
  • Python pip3


git clone

cd ghauri

python3 -m pip install –upgrade -r requirements.txt

python3 install or python3 -m pip install -e

ghauri –help to see the available options


Author: Nasir Khan (r0ot h3x49) usage: ghauri -u URL [OPTIONS] A cross-platform python based advanced sql injections detection & exploitation tool.
 General: -h, --help Shows the help.
 --version Shows the version.
 -v VERBOSE Verbosity level: 1-5 (default 1).
 --batch Never ask for user input, use the default behavior --flush-session Flush session files for current target Target: At least one of these options has to be provided to define the target(s) -u URL, --url URL Target URL (eg  '
 -r REQUESTFILE Load HTTP request from a file Request: These options can be used to specify how to connect to the target URL -A , --user-agent HTTP User-Agent header value -H , --header Extra header (eg  "X-Forwarded-For:") --host HTTP Host header value --data Data string to be sent through POST (eg  "id=1") --cookie HTTP Cookie header value (eg  "PHPSESSID=a8d127e..") --referer HTTP Referer header value --headers Extra headers (eg  "Accept-Language: fr\nETag: 123") --proxy Use a proxy to connect to the target URL --delay Delay in seconds between each HTTP request --timeout Seconds to wait before timeout connection (default 30) --retries Retries when the connection related error occurs (default 3) --force-ssl Force usage of SSL/HTTPS Injection: These options can be used to specify which parameters to test for, provide custom injection payloads and optional tampering scripts -p TESTPARAMETER Testable parameter (s) --dbms DBMS Force back-end DBMS to provided value --prefix Injection payload prefix string --suffix Injection payload suffix string Detection: These options can be used to customize the detection phase --level LEVEL Level of tests to perform (1-3, default 1) --code CODE HTTP code to match when query is evaluated to True --string String to match when query is evaluated to True --not-string String to match when query is evaluated to False -- text-only Compare pages based only on the textual content Techniques: These options can be used to tweak testing of specific SQL injection techniques --technique TECH SQL injection techniques to use (default "BEST") --time-sec TIMESEC Seconds to delay the DBMS response (default 5) Enumeration: These options can be used to enumerate the back-end database management system information, structure and data contained in the tables.

You can download the program from here. The Best Technology Site in Greece
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