Ghostbin: Thousands of user codes and details were posted

Hackers upgraded to Ghostbin file with names, passwords, personal data, and even credit card details of about 13.000 users.Password hackers Ghostbin

Claiming to be associated with Anonymous, hackers leaked to Ghostbin a text file with about 13.000 codes and user details of many popular online services.

The file was uploaded and was available for a few hours on the Ghostby platform. It has been reported to contain names, passwords, personal data, and even credit card details of approximately 13.000 online service users such as Amazon, Hulu Plus, Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, as well as customers of major US department stores such as Walmart and many pornographic sites.

However, the collection of these data does not appear to have resulted from the violation of the computer systems of the reported networks and companies, but from malicious software installed on thousands of individual users' computers.

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