Why I Switched iPhone to Android

I've been an iPhone user since 2007. You could call me "good luck" but the iPhone in 2007 was a technological marvel.

Apple's iPhones have been consistent market leaders since they were first released in 2007. Apple iOS reached an impressive 55% share of the UK smartphone market in 2021, according to Statista, with the iPhone 12 becoming the UK Kingdom the most popular phone in a 2022 YouGov survey.


Why did I switch devices?

A few days ago I bought a Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G and wondered why I had been using an iPhone for so many years. The features of the device

  • 2022 model
  • Screen 6.67″/2400 x 1080/120 Hz
  • Snapdragon 695 processor
  • Triple Rear Camera 108mp
  • Video 1080P/30fps
  • 5000mAh (50% – 15min, 100% – 42min)

Android and iOS are functionally different but equally capable of all the tasks consumers expect from a smartphone. In 2023, Android has improved so much that it competes with Apple's operating system.

Android allows you to install applications from third parties, in addition to the applications available from Google Play. There are full customized applications that do not exist in Google Play. The iPhone does not offer such a feature due to security reasons as claimed by the company. Apps that are not in the App Store cannot be installed. Unofficially they can but you will have to jailbreak your iPhone.

Many of Apple's restrictions have nothing to do with the issue of user and data security as it wants us to believe. They are mainly about making money since users have to buy everything they have on the device, for example music.

I rebelled at the prices and at the crassness of Apple, which is starting to remove chargers from the packaging, for more profit. I have no intention of paying a crazy amount of money for a device that I won't be able to use for more than 3-4 years as it will be outdated in hardware and software.

For years, Apple stuck to the “lightning port” instead of using USBC connections for charging. Lack of common components means more cables, more adapters and more waste. Apple right now reportedly testing iPhones with USBC ports, but I got tired of waiting.

Can you repair an iPhone without spending a fortune? The answer is NO although the Right to Repair movement is trying to make strides with Apple.

One of the biggest advantages of switching from iOS to Android is the choice of a wider range of devices. Samsung, Huawei, Google, Xiaomi and Sony are just a few of the big companies that make Android phones, all of which are very different, offering unique capabilities compared to Apple.

Many of the manufacturers listed above offer more affordable, affordable smartphones with surprisingly high specs, which means you don't have to break your budget when buying a new phone.

With so many different Android brands out there, you don't have to wait a year for Apple to release its next iPhone model if you want to upgrade.

Android can of course take some getting used to as it is not as easy to use as iOS. This is of course not good news for technophobes. However, for those who like to play, Android has many customizable options.

Right now, more than ever owning an iPhone is just a status symbol, and I honestly don't need a device to show who I am. Can Apple give me a good reason to want to go back to the iPhone? Let's give it to me and we'll talk about it.

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Written by giorgos

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  1. Today April 3, 2023, my 6 iphone 2015s which is still perfectly usable (for 7,5 years I haven't spent a dime on a new phone) got a security upgrade (!!!) on 15.7.4
    Have fun on android

  2. They are as described. But. The security you feel. In ios, there is no need to add recognition. Nowhere does it work better in person

  3. Hello. I have been dealing with android for many years and I have also tried other operating systems such as: IOS and what I can tell you with absolute confidence is that android is as easy as IOS, you just have to choose a device with pure android like: the google pixel. Also, another very important reason that I suggest you to try some pure android device, is that the stability of the operating system is much better even than IOS. Finally, when it comes to update support, google pixel devices have nothing to envy of apple devices. Since you are a new android user you still haven't seen anything about the unique flexibility that this particular google operating system offers us. Get ready to get out of the quarantine you've been in iOS for so many years and live a unique user experience that only android can offer!

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