Why does Google and Microsoft follow Apple in the Hardware game?


Google announced its first computer yesterday Chromebook Pixel. There have been Chromebooks for years now, but this is the first one that is exclusively made by Google.

In recent years, we have seen companies that deal with services and software such as Google, Microsoft and Amazon to develop hardware. It has made many wonder why these companies have turned their attention to hardware while offering amazing services. Asymco's Horace Dediu is sure he knows the answer and that's all about money.

It is seen, although Google, Amazon and Microsoft are successful companies their profits are nothing in front of those of Apple and Samsung. The company that makes the most profit from Android at the moment is not Google but Samsung.


Google, Amazon and Microsoft are not as good at making profits as Apple and Samsung are. So if these companies want to start to conquer the world of technology, they have to release their own hardware. That's why Google introduced the ChromeBook Pixel yesterday. That's why Amazon turned the Kindle from a cheap e-Reader into a high-quality tablet. And that's why Microsoft feels the pressure to make a remarkable tablet.

If Google and Microsoft want to get closer to Apple's profits then they should start behaving more like that and offer complete products. Something they may eventually do.

Dimitrios Georgoulas @ GreekAppleNews

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