Why we risk running out of cell phones in the Winter

Κάποτε ήταν αδιανόητο, αλλά τα κινητά τηλέφωνα θα μπορούσαν να σταματήσουν να λειτουργούν σε όλη την Ευρώπη αυτόν τον χειμώνα, εάν οι διακοπές ρεύματος ή ο περιορισμός του ενεργειακού δελτίου εξουδετερώσουν τμήματα των δικτύων κινητής τηλεφωνίας. Το Reuters he says:

The war has cut off natural gas through Europe's main supply route, raising the possibility of power shortages.

mobile tower

In France, the situation is exacerbated by the shutdown of several nuclear power plants for maintenance. Telecoms industry executives say they fear a severe winter will put Europe's telecommunications infrastructure to the test, forcing companies and governments to try to mitigate the impact. Currently, there are not enough backup systems in many European countries capable of handling widespread power outages, four telecom executives said, raising the prospect of mobile outages.

European Union countries, including France, Sweden and Germany, are scrambling to ensure communications can continue even if blackouts end up draining backup batteries installed in the thousands of cell phone antennas spread across the country. their territory.

Europe has almost half a million telecom towers and most of them have backup batteries that last about 30 minutes to keep the mobile antennas working.

Telecoms gear makers Nokia and Ericsson are working with mobile operators to mitigate the impact of a power outage.

All European telecommunications providers should review their networks to reduce extra energy consumption and modernize their equipment using more efficient projects, the four telecoms executives said. To save energy, telecom companies use software to optimize traffic flow, which makes the towers "sleep" when not in use, turning off different spectrum bands. Telecom providers are also working with various governments to check if there are plans to maintain critical services.

In Germany, Deutsche Telekom has 33.000 towers, and its mobile emergency systems can support a small number of them at once, a company spokesman said.

Deutsche Telekom will use mobile emergency power systems based mainly on diesel in case of prolonged power outages. France has about 62.000 towers and the companies will not be able to equip all antennas with new batteries, said FFT president Liza Bellulo.

Accustomed to uninterrupted power supply for decades, European countries usually do not have generators to provide backup power for longer.

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