Why does Microsoft love Linux?

In 2001 its then CEO Microsoft Steve Ballmer quoted the famous: “Linux is a cancer. ” In the following years the company attacked Linux as if it were real cancer.

To remind attacks copyright SCO at Linux up to the claim that the Linux infringed on her patents Microsoft in endless FUD attacks.

Over the years and while the Linux was her number one enemy Microsoft we reached the "love" of the new CEO of the company Satya Nadella.

Let's start at the beginning: Nadella told Wired that he is not interested in old battles, especially when, whether he likes it or not, Linux has become a vital part of today's business technology. "Unless you do something new", Reported, you will not survive. ”

To Linux there is nothing new, at least not as Nadella means it. But what does her CEO want to say Microsoft;

To understand Nadella's vision we must always remember "Follow the money."

At the time of the election of the new CEO, her luck Microsoft was no longer played on desktops and office software. The Azure cloud program launched in February 2010 and the Office 365 program launched in June 2010 had requirements.
The Linux it is even used in the Azure cloud by large and small businesses.

At the same time, the Microsoft is well aware that Azure is the only purely proprietary cloud, while all the competition (Amazon Web Services, Google Compute, OpenStack, etc.) - all work in Linux and offer server services Linux. If the Microsoft insisted on Steve Ballmer's path, he would have no chance.

Η Microsoft loves it Linux because it makes them money.

The company will probably never release products like Office for Linux (although it is now possible through a web interface and Office 365) and will never have APIs made for Windows only. None of these actions would be of tangible benefit to the company.

But it can take.

Developers write a few lines of code as a contribution to the open source platform is not comparable to what the developer gains Microsoft.
Of course the few lines of code I mention above are not few. Until 2011, the Microsoft it had become the fifth largest code contributor at Linux kernel.


To be sure Linux could work with its Hyper-V virtualization Microsoft. And Hyper-V is at the heart of Azure.

The introduction of its executives Microsoft in its top management Linux Foundation was the next step. The a senior executive was added to an already split board, and so today we have its veterans Microsoft to speak on behalf of the Foundation. Only the Microsoft, and will probably never be announced.

So as you can see, her love is not so altruistic Microsoft for Linux and open source.

From 2014 onwards, people are starting to abandon the old computing standards for cloud services. THE Microsoft he already had a position, but to keep it he would have to play well with everyone else. Yes, even with Linux.

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