Why are everyone copying Apple products but no one wants to copy Apple itself?

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In recent years, Apple has been fortunate (and able) to redefine certain product categories (iPod, iTunes Store, iPhone, iPad) with competitors hurrying to copy these products and services. There is a pattern in which everyone expects Apple to get into a category and then compete against it by copying its products. This is now generally accepted and not necessarily bad, since in an ideal situation competition and innovation are promoted to the benefit of the consumer.

However, when in the past few years the only company to innovate and change the data in the markets is Apple and no one else is reasonably asking a question. Why are everyone copying Apple products but no one wants to copy Apple itself? One possible explanation is that it just is not worth ... the trouble. Taking into account the course of Apple's share and its evaluation by Horace Dediu Asymco.com estimates that in the eyes of investors Apple is not successful! Why, then, is someone in the trouble to innovate and "punish" with a low rating?

Horace Dediu also looks at what it takes to copy Apple. Ability; Culture; Tim Cook has stated that innovation is deeply rooted in the company's DNA: "Boldness, ambition, the belief that there are no limits, the desire to make the best products in the world. They are the values. It's in the DNA of the company. " He points out that there is no specific recipe for success, but some prerequisites are skill and leadership: "Apple is in a unique position because it has the ability to software, hardware and services. You can innovate in software, hardware and services but the real magic is what happens at the intersection of these [...] Capability is not something you just write a check to get it. It's something you've been working for for decades. I think we are unique in this. "

Objectively it is less time consuming and much cheaper to copy a company's products than gradually build a built-in user experience. Admittedly, some companies, such as Microsoft, are moving in this direction but it seems that there is no will and insight required.

Dediu notes that, in his opinion, Apple knows what is really what makes it successful, but, as is logical, does not share it with everyone. This is not a simple recipe but it is more complex that requires faith and will against data and competition. "It's art as much as science. And above all, it is a process of improvement with the belief that only by doing great work is survival possible. "

We recommend that you read the entire very interesting article of Horace Dediu here.

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