Why you should use multiple browsers

If you think you only need one web browser, you need to reconsider. We recommend that you use multiple browsers on your computer, especially if you work and perform personal tasks on the same system.

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Using multiple browsers will make it easier to separate different types of tasks. For example, if you work from home, you have probably logged in to all of your work-related sites and bookmarked all the essential services you need to monitor.

In many cases, you may have separate accounts for work and personal tasks. For example, your job may give you a Google Workspace account, and you may also have a personal Gmail address.

Instead of constantly switching between Google Accounts in the same browser window, you can simply have a work browser and a personal browser. Each will remain connected to the appropriate account.

As a bonus, this will make it easier to turn off work after working hours and make it easier to avoid personal distractions when it comes time to work.

How does it work

It is simple. Each browser on your computer has its own settings, including cookies, login extensions, bookmarks, and history entries.

If you are currently using Google Chrome , you can add the Microsoft Edge , the Mozilla Firefox or another browser on your taskbar and run both at the same time.

Each will get its own icon on the taskbar and you can run both logged in to different accounts at the same time. Just install the browser you want to use and you can run multiple browsers at the same time.

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Modern browsers have easy-to-use "profiles" that allow you to configure different browser modes for different tasks. For example, in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge alone, you could use profiles without having to use multiple separate browsers.

For this setting just click on your profile icon in the upper right corner of the browser window to find profile options and add new profiles. (Unfortunately, profiles are harder to find and use in Firefox).

Using multiple profiles is similar to using multiple browsers: You get different Windows taskbar icons for different browser profiles in Windows. They are easy to switch between.

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You can also install a different browser theme on each browser (or browser profile) you use. This can help you instantly identify which browser it is, so you can easily keep it separate.

You can also keep the extensions separate

With multiple browsers, you can use different browser extensions or add-ons in each browser.

If you need to use a browser extension for your work and you are not comfortable with a tool that also works on sites you use for personal work, no problem: Just install the extension in your work browser and not in your personal browser.

The benefits are clear

If you do many different things on your computer, the benefits of this approach should be obvious. You can keep certain types of browsing activity isolated from other types of browsing activity, stay logged in to different account sets in different environments, and just generally configure each browser to work better for the task at hand.

This may not be useful enough for you. But, especially if you work from home on a Windows or Mac computer, we think it's worth it. It may sound weird at first, but using multiple browsers can help make your life easier.

Special Internet browsers via VPN

If you want to use a VPN to protect your internet privacy, there is another advantage to using multiple browsers. With split tunneling, you can only have a few applications on your computer that send their traffic via VPN.

For example, you could skip the VPN when you have access to regular work sites, and use it only for your personal browser.

Or you could use a VPN for most of your browsing, but for Netflix and other services that do not work properly with a VPN have a second browser not configured to use the VPN.

If you want to do this, make sure you use many different browsers and not different browser profiles.

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