GIGABYTE the first PCIe 5.0 SSD

Η GIGABYTE Technology, ανακοίνωσε τον νέο AORUS Gen5 10000 SSD με ταχύτητα ανάγνωσης 10GB/s.

Ενισχυμένος από τον νέας γενιάς ελεγκτή PCIe® 5.0 με το εξαιρετικά γρήγορο 3D-TLC NAND Flash, ο AORUS Gen5 10000 SSD παρέχει αυξημένη απόδοση πάνω από 55% σε σχέση με τους SSD PCIe® 4.0 και διατίθεται σε εκδόσεις χωρητικότητας από 1TB έως 4TB, χρησιμοποιώντας μια διεπαφή M.2 2280 για εύκολη εγκατάσταση και εξαιρετικές δυνατότητες.aorus gen5

Additionally, the SSD and separate heat sink offer more flexibility in system setup and cooling options for users. GIGABYTE's exclusive SSD Tool Box app provides users with real-time SSD status to leverage performance, thermal status, stability and capabilities.

The AORUS Gen5 10000 SSD features the latest Phison PS8-E5026 26-channel controller, giving users ultimate control over random read speed. Along with an array architecture of over 200 layers, maximum bandwidth of 2400MT/s 3D-TLC NAND Flash and LPDDR4 cache design, the AORUS Gen5 10000 SSD unleashes the full potential of PCIe® 5.0 performance with ultra-fast 10GB/s access speed, which is a 40% increase over the previous generation.

Powered by PS5026-E26 multi-core architecture controller, AORUS Gen5 10000 SSD not only improves AI multitasking functions, but also takes content creators, gamers and users who want extreme performance to the next level.speed

At the same time, GIGABYTE's R&D team continues to look into next-generation NAND Flash and components, which can further increase performance and access speed to more than 12GB/s. This will prepare GIGABYTE to be the first to enter the market, offering users the top performance of PCIe® 5.0 SSDs with the distinguished power of GIGABYTE engineering.

Under normal conditions, high-speed SSDs generate enormous amounts of heat during full-speed operation, and thermal throttling is activated as protection to prevent data loss and damage to memory chips and controllers, however, it slows down transfer rates and performance. As many new generation motherboards already incorporate an integrated M.2 heatsink, the AORUS Gen5 10000 SSD is specially designed to feature an easily removable fully covered copper heatsink. Users can flexibly choose to use the integrated heatsink on their motherboards or the integrated heatsink with the AORUS Gen5 10000 SSD depending on their needs.

The AORUS Gen5 10000 SSD features an NVMe M.2 interface design. To unleash the breakthrough performance of 10GB/s read speed, motherboards with PCIe® 5.0 support, GIGABYTE new generation motherboards, Z690 and above are highly recommended to take advantage of this new technology. Enhanced by professional R&D customization, comprehensive monitoring and control software, GIGABYTE motherboards with higher stability and optimized performance are definitely the best choice for users.

For more information, visit GIGABYTE's official website: The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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