GIGABYTE Z690 AORUS TACHYON world record DDR5 Overclocking at 10022MT / s

GIGABYTE Technology, one of the leading manufacturers of motherboards, graphics cards and PC hardware, announces today that the Z690 AORUS TACHYON motherboard with the latest 9th generation Intel Cor i12900 12K processor and LN2 liquid nitrogen heat dissipation has set the world's leading overclocking cloud. DDR5 -10022, verified by HWBOT.

The GIGABYTE Z690 AORUS TACHYON motherboard, designed by a world-renowned overclocker, is equipped with many features exclusively for extreme overclockers, which promise higher scores with easier operation, establishing GIGABYTE's leading role in overclocking on Z690 motherboards.


This DDR5 world record from the GIGABYTE Z690 AORUS TACHYON has been validated by HWBOT - the overclocking record verification site, which certifies that the HiCookie overclocker has set the top record at 5011MHz R R DDR5-10022 only DDR5-9 stick with core i12900 690K on the Z5 AORUS TACHYON motherboard that he designed in the DDRXNUMX memory overclocking competition.

"The Z690 AORUS TACHYON proves GIGABYTE's strong strength in research and development with the DDR5-10022 world record for overclocking achieved without a significant change in memory timing. We will definitely use the Z690 AORUS TACHYON to create better overclocking performance and we look forward to seeing overclockers around the world use this motherboard to break more world records! ”

The GIGABYTE Z690 AORUS TACHYON has been designed by well-known overclockers exclusively for overclocking with the widely recognized durability and stability of GIGABYTE. The Z690 AORUS TACHYON adopts 15 + 1 + 2 instantaneous power supply units, each of which can hold up to 105 amps with the Smart Power Stage design to provide integrated power management.

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The VRM range implements a complete matrix of tantalum capacitors with better transient response and less mechanical interference, which can improve power supply and overclocking stability. In addition, the latest Reactive Armor solution uses a single-component metal heatsink to provide a wider range of heat dissipation.

Shielded memory routing, SMD memory DIMMs, and integrated BIOS setup for DDR5 memory overclocking also enhance overclocking stability. Meanwhile, the built-in overclocking kit design on the motherboard provides shortcut keys, toggle switches, and voltage detection functions used by many overclockers during overclocking settings. This kit allows overclockers to adjust settings more easily through these shortcuts, easily exceed the limit, and achieve better overclocking results.

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