GitHub free access to private repositories

Microsoft announced today a change in pricing of GitHub, and the news is great for those who know how to encode or for those who are trying to learn.

In the past, the service charged 7 dollars per month for a private repository. Since today it's free if you have three partners or fewer.

GitHub always had a free package, but it was limited to public repositories. If you were a coder who wanted to run a project, the free option allowed you to do it only in a public repository, making your code public. GitHub

This was not so appealing, especially in the early stages of learning, when your code is something you are not proud of.

GitHub charged 7 dollars a month for private repositories. The cost was not high, but for the students it was not very affordable.
Today's announcement on pricing therefore favors both students and new developers. Private repositories are free if they have three or fewer affiliates.

It's a sensible proposition that ensures that Microsoft can profit from the service for commercial projects while benefiting young people in the field.

Microsoft has also simplified GH's business choices. So instead of offering Enterprise Cloud and Enterprise Service separately, it merged them into one: GitHub Enterprise.


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