View the sender's logo and email in your Gmail inbox

The default layout in your Gmail inbox displays the name of the sender in the left column. Here's the subject and the date of the message. Emails are sorted in reverse chronological order with the most recent messages appearing at the top.

The problem with this layout is that you can not figure out who the real sender of a message is without opening the message. For example, if you receive an email from George of and a second from another George who works at Google, Gmail will display "George" as the sender of both messages.

To solve this problem, you can use a Google Chrome extension that detects the company from the sender's domain and will display it in your Gmail

The add-on finds the e-mail address of the sender, analyzes the domain of the web page from the address and pulls the favicon image often the logo that the domain uses. It then adds the logo image and the company domain as a label containing the subject of the message, as shown in the above image.

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This will make it very easy for you to quickly locate the sender of the message.

The add-on runs entirely in your browser and will not share a byte of the data on Google with someone else. The Chrome extension uses the InboxSDK library to analyze the messages on the client side.

Download the Chrome add-on

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