New Gmail: Where did my contacts go?

Google recently released the new Gmail design. In general, every time a popular service is redesigned, many users are unhappy. Personally, I do not have a particular problem with Gmail. Everything looks pretty good and there are new features like confidential mode and operation no connection.

But looking at the new features of Gmail, I noticed that the Contacts feature has been moved to the new design. The old design allowed you to view and edit contacts but in the new design, they are nowhere to be found.

Let's see how you can access the contacts of the new Gmail.

Google has reportedly removed the exclusive Gmail contact page. So if you search for it under Gmail you will probably be disappointed.
You will not find the panel that allowed you to access and edit your contacts. But this does not mean that they were lost. They're still there and still syncing with your Google Account, but accessing the feature has become a bit more difficult.

Let's see how you can find your contacts. This can be done in two ways: With the former, you can only access contacts that have been synced to your Google Account. There is a new dedicated website that is independent of Gmail in two different versions.

The new version with the well-known Material design of Google is still in Beta format and the old static version of Google Contacts which is almost identical to the one you had in Gmail before it was removed. You must add a bookmark to any version you want to use. If you do not use Google Chrome, bookmarking the page you like best is the best and fastest way to access your contacts in the new Gmail.

If you use Chrome now, you can use Google's built-in Contacts application to access your Contacts.

Open a new tab in Chrome and click the small grid icon next to your profile picture. A small window will open showing the different Google applications and services that you can access. Below you will find the Contacts.


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