Gmail Do you know that you have two different addresses?

You probably know that you can create multiple emails in Gmail by adding the plus sign or dots in the name of the user, but below we will see something more interesting.

By creating one account Gmail, Google has two email addresses for you. One uses the regular domain and is @ while the second address is under another domain: @

This means that if your Gmail email address is, all emails sent to will be sent to inbox .

Two in the "price" of one.

How can you use the second address?

You can take advantage of these two domains for less spam in your email inbox.

For example, @ can only give you your close contacts. The email you use as domain can be used publicly (put it on your blog, for example).

You can then set a filter in Google's email service that will redirect all messages from @ to a special folder. So you will never lose important email from your close friends.

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