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Gmail is part of our everyday habits. And why not, there are too many reasons to love (or even to hate) Gmail.

It is completely free. There is plenty of storage, and it gives you free POP3 access to your email messages as well as free offline access via the IMAP route. gmail

Then there are the attachments, which you can send in a maximum size of 25MB. With a byte larger size you are automatically transferred to and so you can send a link instead of an attachment.

But how do you manage your attachments that get lost in the mass of your messages? Today we will deal with it, and of course we will use its power s that exists in Gmail.

Attachments add “weight” to your inbox. Let's say someone has sent you Or high definition. You may need to find them, organize them, or delete them to save more space.

Below we will see how you can quickly and efficiently search for email attachments (even if you can not remember the name of the file, the name of the sender, or the date the message was received, etc.).

Search for emails with attachments

There are several ways to look up your Gmail attachments. Let's see how a general search is being done:

  • has: attachment - Filter those that have attachments
  • has: attachment doc -  Filters emails that contain attachments .doc
  • filename: .doc - Works more precisely than the above (but generally looks for types )

Note: in filename: No dot required before of the file: ilename: .doc but also filename: doc

  • filename: iguru * .doc - Filtered emails containing doc files as well as [iguru] at the beginning of the name. (a search filename:*iguru*.doc looking for messages that contain the word "iguru" anywhere and not just the beginning of the name.
  • filename: .doc or filename: .php - Filtered emails containing .doc or .php files (or both).
  • filename: .doc and filename: .php - Filtered emails that contain both .doc and .html files

You can also search for emails by message size. Below we will use the size with "m" or "mb" to indicate it in the Gmail search engine.

You can also focus your search on old messages with it older_than: 1y which will display messages you received or sent a year ago.

This method does not prevent you from using other search parameters. So you can use parameters such as older_than or "larger" and "smaller"

Let's look at some examples:

  • larger: 10mb
  • smaller: 5mb
  • and to find something in between: larger: 5mb smaller: 10mb 

See the file type attached by the search results

Now that you know how to locate your attachments, let's see how we can instantly see the file type without opening the email.

Chrome users can install the extension Attachment Icons for Gmail. This Chrome extension will show you the attachment icon at the end of the theme. your workflow if you receive many attachments daily. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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