Gmail now accepts up to 50 MB attachments

The gmail changed its attachment capacity policy and you can now accept files up to 50MB.


One of their common problems emails is the sending of large capacity attachments. Anyone who wanted to send an attachment larger than 25MB so far should either cut it into pieces or contact third-party services, such as wetransfer, etc.

MB limits have grown from yesterday as well as Google he raised the bar for his bills gmail, which can now accept files up to 50 megs. The restriction remains that you can not send attachments from gmail larger than 25MB but you can now upload large 50MB files from Google Drive etc without any problem on the part of the recipient.

Although the company move is only a small step in file transfer, nevertheless because the emails is the easiest and most direct way to communicate and share data with your friends, it remains a welcome and good change of Gmails policy. Although 50MB can not devalue file sharing services, we expect other companies as well emails to in turn change their respective policies.

This change takes from one to three days to take place on all accounts, starting yesterday, March 1st. 2017.

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