Your Gmail does not stop as many attacks as you think

Check Point Software: Does your organization use Gmail and Google Workspace more widely? If you are a small business or technology company you probably do.

In fact, 92% of start-ups, 60% of medium-sized businesses and more than 5 million businesses use

Nevertheless, the vast majority of security discussions are centered around Microsoft. This is perfectly legitimate, but it's time to talk about Gmail, which remains an incredibly popular email service for businesses of all sizes. In addition to Gmail, attackers target not just email but Google Workspace as a whole, including popular applications such as Docs and Slides. Without complete suite security, Google Workspace is at risk.

The issue arose a few weeks ago when Avanan, recently acquired by Check Point Software, published an attack report on exploiting their comments Google Docs.

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An attack occurs when a threat agent adds a comment to a Google Document (or anywhere in the Google Workspace). The target is indicated by an @. This automatically sends an email to this person's inbox.

This email, which is from Google, includes the full comment, including bad links and text. Additionally, the email address is not displayed, only the name of the attacker, making it ready for imitators.

We know, based on our research, that Google is about halfway there in preventing phishing emails from reaching inbox:

Although it works better than other solutions, the percentages we find using Check Point Threat Miss Computer still show many attacks. For example, in a 500-position organization, where the average user sees about 20 emails a day, the results are as follows:

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The numbers show almost three lost attacks per user, per month.



Ή in an organization with 6.500 employees:




You can definitely see the problem.


If you are interested in the security of Google Workspace, you can watch the webibar:, in which we will look at some of the attacks that Gmail has lost - which include both the theft of credentials and ransomware.

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