Gmail is a handy feature that you may not know

Did you know that you can customize your Gmail address, which can help track who's sending you messages? Below we will see what you can do by simply using a few extra characters in Google email

Let's first look at something that can you already know:

You can place a dot (.) Between any of the characters in the username of your email address. Gmail does not recognize it as a character in the username. She completely ignores it.

Adding dots can be useful in long and multi-word emails. It separates the order of characters and makes it easier to read the address.

For example, if your email is, you can type it as and Gmail will still see it as your home address. If you want, you can also use, but it's a bit excessive.

However, be aware that you cannot use a full stop at the beginning or end of your username or use two or more consecutive ones.

Let's see now what you can do with the plus sign (+).

Yes you can also use the plus sign (+) to add any number of words or numbers at the end of the username. Just like the dot, Gmail ignores the plus sign and everything else. This allows you to customize and create an endless array of email addresses.

This feature is especially useful for newletters and sites that require an email address to sign up because you can add the site name to organize your inbox.

For example, if you want to subscribe to the newsletter, can become The newsletter will still go to the inbox of the first address, but it seems to have been sent to "".

You can also use the plus sign between many words like this:

Why else can you use the plus sign in your address? If you suspect that an organization may sell your information.

The trick can add the name of the company to which you entered your emails. So if you see the same email being used to send you spam you will know who the culprit is.

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