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Gmail tracking: We do not respond to all emails. It goes without saying that we ignore a few emails each week and often the types of messages that are ignored are of a certain type.

They may try to sell us something, or maybe try to make us sign up for some unrelated service. Regardless of these innocuous emails that we often ignore, there are also those watching our moves. In particular, they monitor if we open a message and report it to the sender.

This can be done very easily by adding an invisible code to the message. It will not cause any damage to your computer, but the sender will know if you opened the message he sent you.

If you use Gmail, with Chrome or Firefox browsers, you can try the Ugly Email extension. The extension will show you which senders want to spy on you, and allow you to disable tracking in your

Just install the Ugly Email extension in your browser. Once installed, it will automatically open Gmail on a new tab.

Any email in Gmail inbox will show an icon that will represent the status of this email. For example, the eye icon next to the title of a message contains a tracker that tells the sender if you opened the message or not.

In addition to tracking messages that contain tracking trackers, the extension automatically turns them off. This will allow you to open a message that contains a tracker and the sender will not know that you have opened it.

The Ugly Email extension manages to crawl most email trackers but does not track them all. This is a project that is still under development and its developers are adding more and more monitoring services every day.

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