Go-Dork: A fast Dork Scanner on Go

Go-Dork is the fastest dork scanner written in Go.

There are also several search engines supported by go-dork, including Google, Shodan, Bing, Duck, Yahoo and Ask.


> GO111MODULE = on go get -v github.com/dwisiswant0/go-dork/…


go-dork -q “inurl: '…'”

go-dork -q “inurl:…”

go-dork -e bing -q “.php? id =”

go-dork -q “intext: 'jira'” -p 5

go-dork -q “org: 'Target' http.favicon.hash: 116323821” \
–Engine shodan -H “Cookie:…” -H “User-Agent:…”

go-dork -q “intitle: 'BigIP'” -p 2 -x

go-dork -q “inurl: '/ secure' intext: 'jira' site: org” -s | nuclei -t workflows / jira-exploitaiton-workflow.yam

go-dork -h

Flag Description
-q / –query Search query (Required)
-e / –engine Provide search engine (default: Google)
(options: Google, Shodan, Bing, Duck, Yahoo, Ask)
-p / –page Specify number of pages (default: 1)
-H / –header Pass custom header to search engine
-x / –proxy Use proxy to surfing
-s / –silent Silent mode, prints only results in output
-nc / –no-color Disable colored output results

You can download the program from here.



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