We will go back to the moon, says Google

Η Google, suggests going back to the moon. Children from elementary school and even kindergarten visit 22 March 2014 Cultural Center "Hellenic Cosmos" where a comprehensive, and especially fascinating, exhibition is hosted which convinces young pupils that they will live the foundation of the first human colony on the Moon, that the first space elevator will be built, and that they can begin practicing for a trip to the Red Planet.

The exhibition is called "The Conquest of Space", a conquest that has already been established by the mission of the Soviet satellite Sputnik 1, from where the journey to space begins.

Google: Let's go Moon?

The most important acquisition of a family or school visit to Piraeus 254 is the feeling that space exploration is not only over, but it is in a very interesting phase. The visitor will look at the moon at night with other eyes, smelling the Moon's powder, seeing Bigelow's standard residence, representing a whole human colony at the south pole of the Earth's satellite, and calming his fears seeing that with a space elevator he would be able to go flying on the Earth without having 46.000 dollars to bring a pan to his family's Bigelow.

The visitor will then "wear" the astronaut's new (lightweight) outfit to photograph and put himself in a series of trials to be able to travel to Mars. Answers to many questions about life on Mars undertake to give a series of representations of how astronauts sleep and eat in a zero-gravity environment. The tour ends in an interactive multi-touch table, where the visitor is now invited to create atmosphere to start cultivating on the distant planet.

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"The Conquest of Space" exhibition is a creation of the American Museum of Natural History in New York in collaboration with MadaTech, the National Museum of Science, Technology and Space of Israel (MadaTech, Haifa, Israel).

Within the framework of the exhibition, the Hellenic Cosmos is collaborating with the Institute of Astronomy, Astrophysics, Space Applications and Remote Sensing of the National Observatory of Athens. This means that the Observatory participates in the exhibition with an informative video about astronomy (our solar system and stellar evolution), a digital photo exhibition (20 Greek astrologers photographing the night sky) and an audio-visual presentation with sounds from the space (compositions of modern electronic music based on sounds from our nearby and not so close). Still, lectures are scheduled with free entrance and observation of the night sky from the atrium of the center of culture. The first speech is scheduled for 11 April 2014 on 18: 00, with speaker Mr. Vasilis Harmandaris, Associate Professor, Head of the Institute entitled "Seeking the Truth with the Light". Mr. Harmandaris will explain how astronomers use sunlight and stars to understand some of the properties of the universe and to predict, with enough accuracy, its future.

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The first big step for humanity should not be the last

The Tholos, the Virtual Reality Theater of the Hellenic World is one of the 120 planetariums around the world that portrays the film "Back to the Moon .. Forever". This is a presentation of the global competition organized by Google, titled Google Lunar X, for individuals without a state subsidy to be able to send and call spaceplane robots on the Moon, which will take 500 meters on its surface and send photos and videos to Earth. The prize, the biggest in history, 30 million dollars. The film in Tholos presents the efforts made by groups of children across the globe. More about Google Lunar X can be viewed at googlelunarxprize.org

Answers to the competition today, 1in April 2014 the Technical Director of the competition, Andrew Barton:

Attempts to encourage private initiative in space pay and NASA, which in January of 2014 announced that the Lunar Catalyst


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