Google's official response to our morning paper

In the morning the editorial team of published for the complaint of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) on the collection of data from undergraduate students through the Chromebooks, which Google sells to schools in the United States.

We just received the company's official response through local agents for the publication in question. We list it as follows:Google


Following the publication (about the complaint made by the Electronic Frontier Foundation to collect data from undergraduate students), we are promoting you the official Google response to the issue.

Please find here the official announcement of Google for the security of student data in Google applications for Education and Chromebooks, as well as a statement of its representative below:

"We are always firmly committed to keeping students' sensitive personal data safe and respectful of the privacy of information. We regularly collect feedback from schools, communities, nonprofits and industry groups on how we can provide them with the most up-to-date information on privacy, security and safety online. Digital education is very important and we have been investing in it for years. ”

  • About tools for schools- Website / edu / privacy explains Google's privacy and security commitments for the G Suite for Education and Chromebooks in plain, understandable language. This website is designed to contain the most frequently asked questions to help users find the answers they need. The site provides links to more detailed files such as G Suite for Education Privacy Notice, which explains what information Google collects and how it uses them to provide effective learning tools.
  • About Internet Security- The Google Online Safety Center provides information for individuals and families. This site provides information sources from Google and partner organizations to help users stay secure on the Internet.

We would be grateful if you include the information in your article.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

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