Google acquires LookNet data analyzer for 2,6 billion dollars

Google made a big surprise this morning when it announced that it is going to acquire Looker, a great company that deals with data (analytics startup). He paid $2,6 billion and is bringing the company to Google Cloud.


TKurian people, CEO of Google Cloud, sees the two companies provide their customers with a complete data analytics solution. As he explained, the combination provides an analytics platform for end-to-end connections, data collection, analysis and visualization across Google Cloud, Azure, AWS, internal databases and ISV applications.

Google Cloud has moved into third place, in cloud infrastructure, and Looker is expected to improve its position, as it is a data analytics company with a long history. Looker CEO Frank Bien says the company has 1.600 customers and has about 100 million dollars.

It may not be a coincidence that Google bought Looker, as the two companies already had a large partnership and 350 joint customers, according to Google.

“We have many mutual clients that we have worked with. One of the great things about this acquisition is that the two companies have known each other for a long time , and we have a very common culture," said Kurian.

This is a huge deal for Google Cloud as Google seeks to boost its market share. It seems that the month of June will bring us big business reshuffles this year, as 2 days ago the Microsoft and Oracle, in an effort to improve their position in the global cloud market announced their partnership, uniting the cloud services they own. The Best Technology Site in Greecefgns

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