Google adds "Personal" option

Google is adding a new tab called "Personal" that lets you search through your personal data, either Gmail or your photos, directly from the search engine.


The new "Personal" tab displays your personal content, including your emails and the photos you've taken and uploaded to the cloud. Its operation is simple. You must first type anything that you want to look for, say "flowers", and go to the "Personal" tab, which you can find under the "More" tab at the end of the line. The results you will give will be found in all the emails you have received that contain this word, as well as any photos stored in your account that contain flowers.

The new tab is not visible to everyone yet, as it is not unfolding at the same time all over the world. Just pay a little attention to using it and whether your computer is left alone and connected to your account, because everyone will be able to look for anything through your personal data easily and through a single interface.

The feature works on both the web and the Google mobile version. It is to be understood that the results of the tab are completely personal to each other, not comparable to the users and generally can not see any third party results because it is not connected to your account Google.

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