21 September: Is Allo coming?

At the Google I / O conference last May, the company announced a "smart messaging app" called Allo, which will only require your phone number to track you down. Apparently we will not have to wait long to try it.

According to tipster Evan Blass, Allo will be released on September 21.Google-allo

So within a month of the release of Duo Violet Call, Google is reportedly preparing to release a second messaging application with end-to-end encryption, temporary personal messages, stickers, and text formatting options for more expressive conversations.

The most interesting thing, however, is that the application will use AI, and mechanical engineering techniques to suggest appropriate text and graphic responses, reducing typing.

So, if someone sends you a photo of a dog or a baby, the app will suggest answers like "how cute!" using Google's image recognition technology, which can now recognize things like dog breeds and pasta items with up to 90 percent accuracy.

Also, the application will support Google Assistant, which will act as a contact you can chat with and ask questions. In fact, it will be a friendly Google search bot, enriching your messages with various search results like restaurants if you are talking about dinner.

All of the above can be done without a Google account. So Allo could become a popular messaging tool, but with opponents like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, it's probably going to be a great deal.

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