Allo by Google: End of March of 2019

Google has confirmed that it stops the Allo smart messaging application to focus more on Messages application.

Allo will continue to work until March of 2019, and will give users the option to export their conversation history to Messages.Allo

"Earlier this year, we stopped investing in Allo and brought some of its favorite features - such as Smart Reply, GIFs and desktop support - to the Messages app," said Matt Klainer, Google's VP of Consumer Communications Products. Publication.

"We learned a lot from Allo, especially about the integration of machine learning features, such as the use of Google Assistant in messaging," he said, adding that more machine learning features will be integrated into the Google Duo video application.

According to Klainer, it's all part of Google's focus on "a simpler communication experience".

We want every Android device to have a very good default messaging experience. We've worked closely with the mobile phone industry to upgrade SMS so that people from all over the world can more easily enjoy group conversations, share high-resolution photos, and receive proof of delivery on any Android device.

He added that more than 175 millions of people are already using Messages on Android mobile phones every month thanks to Google's collaborations with 40 mobile providers and device manufacturers.

Klainer also announced plans for the company to allow users of the Hangouts chat program to add people outside of their organization to a conversation. For example, customers, suppliers, and partners.

"By refocusing on the Messages app, and the Consumer Duo, and the Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet for group chats, we're focusing on providing simpler and more integrated communication," he concluded.

Allo had been announced May of 2016, and Google began to deploy smart messaging service in September of the same year.

Allo was Google's first messaging app to feature suggested "smart" responses that learn over time from user behavior. It supported sending emojis, photos and sketches, as well as standard text messages to Android and iOS devices.


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