Google: Android is as secure as iOS

Android or iOS No electronic device is safe enough these days, even if companies are investing a lot of money in security solutions designed to make their products impotent to hacking. Security is also a great subject for discussion on Android and iOS device users.

Many security experts argue that Android OS is a security mess, but Google seems to have taken important steps to improve privacy and security in devices running its mobile

The company now provides mobile phone makers with monthly security updates that fix bugs that have been discovered and can be exploited by malicious users.

On the other hand, the iOS ecosystem is considered safer, but less adaptable and open to developers.

During an interview after a speech at a security conference, Adrian Ludwig, director of security at Android, said that "definitely" Google's Pixel devices provide about the same security as an iPhone.

He claimed that Android will soon be better: "In the long run, the open ecosystem of Android is going to reach a much better position."

According to Ludwig, the built-in Android security solution called Safety Net now scans 400 millions of devices a day. In addition, the product can control 6 billions of applications per day.

Thanks to Safety Net, the number of Android devices that have malware is too small today, according to Ludwig.

He also argues that less than the 1% of Android smartphones are affected by PHA (Potentially Harmful Applications), which is hard to believe.

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