Google Immediately install apps from search results

Google released a new feature to search for Android smartphones. So, in your searches for applications in the company's search engine, the software will return links to you to download and install the

Of course, this will only happen when content from these apps is relevant to your searches. The App-download link will appear along with the links from the regular web pages that host the application (usually the Google Play Store).App installs

"We want to make app content more accessible to searches," said Rajan Patel, a Google technician who helped develop the project.

The company says:

If you search for Googles apps from Android devices, you will begin to see the app install link in the search results.
Touching this link will take you to the Google Play Store where you can directly install your app.

So the content of searches for Android apps will change from today according to the company.

The reason is the new mobile search algorithm Google which the company announced since last February.

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The second part of this algorithmic update will come in April 21, and will affect not only Android apps on searches, but any other mobile-friendly website, by adding its ranking order to search results. In other words, from April 21, if you have a friendly mobile site, you have already covered a ranking factor at the website level and your rank will go up.

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