Google: appeal to not pay 4,34 billion

Google filed an appeal on Tuesday against the amount of 4,34 billion that it has to pay because it violates EU antitrust regulations, CNET announced.Google

In July we passed, the European Commission has fined Google for its restrictions on Android device makers and network operators. The restrictions were aimed at "consolidating the company's dominant position in internet search."

In particular, the European Commission announced that the case concerned three types of restrictions imposed by Google:

  • Require manufacturers to pre-install the Google Search app and Chrome as a precondition for licensing the Google Play Store.
  • Making payments to some major manufacturers and mobile operators, provided they pre-install the Google Search application
  • Prevent manufacturers who wanted to pre-install Google apps on any Android mobile device running Android smart forks.

In response to the allegations, Google CEO Sundar Pichai published an article on the company's blog in July entitled "Android has created more options, not less" or in English:Android has created more choice, not less."

Let's say that Google is already facing another European Commission decision. Last year, the Commission imposed on the company a fine of 2,4 billion because it is unfair with its purchasing department.


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