Google Assistant with new features and AI features

Google announced a number of new features for Google Assistant, Google Photos and the Android operating system at the 2018 I / O developer conference. For developers creating applications that use voice commands for Google Assistant and the Actions on Google platform, the company has introduced new tools and services.Google Assistant

Starting today, developers will be able to customize their applications to TVs, mobile devices and smart touch screens using Google Assistant. The adjustments can be made through the "Actions on Google" console with some additions made by the company.

To create the chat AI used by Google Assistant (and the company's search engine), Google spent years trying to understand exactly what each user wants to achieve with the words he uses, as there are many different ways to say the same thing. .

"We will have hundreds available embedded suggestions in the coming months, "said Google Product Manager Brad Abrams on stage during his speech at the annual I / O Developers Meeting.

Another new feature that will be available today to voice application developers is Action links, a URL to share the function of a voice application anywhere on the web. When a user clicks on the link, they will have a Google Assistant experience. The link to each app can be found on the Actions on Google console from today.

Google Assistant is now available in 16 languages ​​to extend the voice experience worldwide. VP Nick Fox said that Google is committed to adding more than 30 languages ​​to Google Assistant by the end of 2018, which would help make Google's AI available to 95% of Android smartphones.

Let's mention that the Action on Google platform was first launched in December on 2016.

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