Google Authenticator finally sync with Google

Google Authenticator is an app that many recommend as a one-stop service for protecting your online accounts with 2FA. It creates a unique code that you can use along with your password to sign in to online services.

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But the service had one major drawback. You should always be connected to the phone you are using. That's about to change, as years after the app first launched, you'll be able to sync your Google Authenticator codes with your Google account.

The new feature, which was announced today, has long been required of Authenticator users with many opting to use other services like Twilio's Authy app.

If you frequently switch devices, lose or break your device, you will know how useful the new addition to the service is. Additionally, it will make it easier for users to ensure their accounts are secure, as they will no longer need to rely on installing the app on a specific device to access 2FA codes.

Of course, this means that an attacker who gains access to your Google Account will also be able to access your other online services. So you should be sure that your Google accounts are properly protected.

Overall, adding sync support to Google Authenticator was a much-needed improvement that will make the app much friendlier. With this new feature, Google has taken a big step towards making 2FA more accessible and secure for everyone. You can download the new Google Authenticator app from the Google Play Store. The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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