Google & Bertelsmann: 10.000 scholarships for European developers!

H Google and Bertelsmann promote themselves πinitiatives digital skills in partnership with Udacity- 10,000 scholarships available for European developers!

Η Google, η Bertelsmann (the global media, service and education company) and the center e-learning Udacity, are joining forces to develop digital skills in the use of mobile devices in Europe.

They also work together to prepare young people entering the professional sector at European level by enabling them to develop the skills they need to help them find a job or start their own

“We want to help and we fund 10,000 developer training grants Android across Europe through Udacity. "

Candidate developers can apply for one of 9.000 scholarships for the basic knowledge lesson for Android and the most experienced developers for one of the 1.000 Scholarships for the Associate Android Developer Intensive Program, a training program that leads to Android Developer Certification, a key credential for the industry.

Applications are open to

At the same time, the Bertelsmann focuses its investment on "building skills and investing in education, skills development and 1,000 training enterprises operating in the IT, Technology and Communications sector, while enriching its investment in conjunction with its programs training Udacity.

Also, by the beginning of next year, every qualified Bertelsmann student and trainee - some 2.000 men and women across Europe - will win a Nanodegree scholarship.

By working with Bertelsmann and Udacity, our goal is to close the digital skills gap, and to help people acquire the skills they need to get a job or promote their career.

These scholarships are an opportunity for all potential developers to make the most of the opportunity to perfect digital skills that will put them on the road to success. We look forward to seeing what they will do next!

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