He burned Google cars because he was watching him

0 Raul Murillo Diaz, 30 of Oakland, California, admitted his guilt in attacks on Google's headquarters in Mountain View and two more attacks on two self-riding vehicles in two different incidents.google car

Police arrested Diaz on June 30 when they stopped him near Google's headquarters. Police officers discovered a firearm in a common view (.22 caliber) as well as a cylindrical object with cables indicating it was a tube bomb.

The anti-terrorist men later announced that the bomb was not functional.

The Mountain View Police Department also blames Diaz for the 19 incident in May when a masked man dropped two bottles of Blue Moon filled with petrol in a Mountain View car park owned by Google's headquarters at Salado Drive.

The surveillance video shows the offender at 22: 52 to throw a bottle that broke the ground near the car, and another one that landed on the car's hood but did not break. The actor lifted the second bottle and broke it on the ground, on the right side of the rear seat of the car.

The car later burst into flames.

Diaz also admitted a second incident on June 4, about 22: 30, when a masked man threw a few bullets on the windows of Google's offices on Garcia Avenue. The shots show that they broke glass but no one was injured.

On 10 June, about 1: 54, Google also complained to the police that a masked firefighter was firing on a self-guided vehicle in the company building on Alta Avenue.

The video shows the suspect to spray the car with a liquid and then fire it. The car was completely destroyed.

Diaz told police he felt he was being tracked by Google and that he was collecting data about him.

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