The new version of Google Chrome 44 is available

Google has just announced the new version of the Google Chrome 44 browser for all the fixed channel operating systems.Google Chrome

According to the announcement of the release, Google Chrome 44 build 44.0.2403.89, brings several improvements and bug fixes.

In addition, Google Chrome 44 contains many new apps / API extensions (with Application Programming Interfaces). Security patches reach 43 and fix critical vulnerabilities discovered by various developers.

"The Google Chrome team is pleased to announce the release of Chrome 44 from the fixed channel for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Google Chrome 44.0.2403.89 contains a number of fixes and enhancements. " says Penny MacNeil.

Download the new app from here, or directly from your browser.

The security loopholes corrected are described below:

[3000] [446032] High CVE-2015-1271: Heap-buffer-overflow in pdfium. Credit to cloudfuzzer.
[3000] [459215] High CVE-2015-1273: Heap-buffer-overflow in pdfium. Credit to makosoft.
[$ TBD] [461858] High CVE-2015-1274: Settings allowed executable files to run immediately after download. Credit to andrewm.bpi.
[7500] [462843] High CVE-2015-1275: UXSS in Chrome for Android. Credit to WangTao (unhappy) of Baidu X-Team.
[$ TBD] [472614] High CVE-2015-1276: Use-after-free in IndexedDB. Credit to Collin Payne.
[5500] [483981] High CVE-2015-1279: Heap-buffer-overflow in pdfium. Credit to mlafon.
[5000] [486947] High CVE-2015-1280: Memory corruption in the skies. Credit to cloudfuzzer.
[1000] [487155] High CVE-2015-1281: CSP Bypass. Credit to Masato Kinugawa.
[$ TBD] [487928] High CVE-2015-1282: Use-after-free in pdf. Credit to Chamal de Silva.
[$ TBD] [492052] High CVE-2015-1283: Heap-buffer-overflow in expat. Credit to sidhpurwala.huzaifa.
[2000] [493243] High CVE-2015-1284: Use-after-free in blink. Credit to Atte Kettunen of OUSPG.
[7500] [504011] High CVE-2015-1286: UXSS in blink. Credit to anonymous.
[1337] [419383] Medium CVE-2015-1287: SOP bypass with CSS. Credit to filedescriptor.
[1000] [444573] Medium CVE-2015-1270: Uninitialized memory read in ICU. Credit to Atte Kettunen of OUSPG.
[500] [451456] Medium CVE-2015-1272: Use-after-free related to unexpected GPU process termination. Credit to Chamal de Silva.
[479743] Medium CVE-2015-1277: Use-after-free in accessibility. Credit to SkyLined.
[500] [482380] Medium CVE-2015-1278: URL spoofing using pdf files. Credit to Chamal de Silva.
[1337] [498982] Medium CVE-2015-1285: Information Leak in XSS Auditor. Credit to gazheyes.
[$ 500] [479162] Low CVE-2015-1288: Spell checking dictionaries fetched over HTTP. Credit to [email protected]



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