Google Chrome 69 comes and brings problems for Flash

Google Chrome 69: Like we mentioned in a previous publication Google is preparing a new, improved version of Chrome. The new version (69) of the browser will be released in September and according to Google, it will add Material Design to all operating systems.Google Chrome 69

We also mentioned that Google Chrome 69 will also have native alerts on Windows 10. What we didn't mention and it's worth noting is how the new browser is going to be brought to Flash Player.

Yes for years we've been criticizing Flash Player, and we've all heard of the ending running 2020 from Adobe. Microsoft, Mozilla, and Apple also have Flash life schedules for their browsers.

Today, Flash content can still be used by Chrome users, and according to Google, Chrome will only support 87 up to Chrome 2020.

At this time, if a user activates Flash for a specific webpage, they do not need to re-enable them when they visit it again. However, from Chrome 69, each time you run the browser, you will need to allow sites to use Flash again.

Of course, this process will make Flash use very disappointing, but the purpose of the change with Chrome 69 is to not run Flash processes on multiple tabs.

Google also says the new version will bring improvements to managing Chrome with Microsoft Intune.

"Policies that are only available when Microsoft Windows is linked to a Microsoft Active Directory domain can be configured with Intune," says Google.

"Chrome policies with Intune will be supported in Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise versions."


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