Google Chrome 83 has been released with many enhancements

Google has released Google Chrome 83 for all supported platforms after the company decided to skip version 82 altogether.

Just as expected from the popular browser that went from 81 version in version 83, n it is huge and comes with significant improvements in key areas.

Google Chrome 83 has been released with many enhancements

First of all, there is a new feature that allows groups of tabs (tabs) recently announced by Google itself, which allows us to organize the active tabs in browsing.

With this new feature, you can create groups of tabs with different names and colors by simply right-clicking to them.
Today's update also includes a redesigned user interface () for privacy settings and settings s in the desktop version of Google Chrome. Google seems to be trying to make the settings of the probrowsing much simpler.

The cookie settings page, and the clearing of them browsing got some options rearranged for a more intuitive approach.

In the new version you'll also see a new puzzle icon on the top bar, which essentially gives you more detail on the information they have browsers when loading a website. Of course, there are options to manage extensions and control what data the websites you visit can access.

Google Chrome 83 is also the first version of the browser that blocks third-party cookies in incognito mode, but allows users to access specific sites with a single click on the special icon in the address bar.

The new version brings 38 security fixes, of which at least 4 have been characterized as high severity.

Google has once again paid thousands of dollars in bounties to find security vulnerabilities in this version of the browser. For example, he paid at least $ 20.000 for a use after free bug discovered by researcher Woojin Oh.

All of the above features are part of a slow release, which means that Google is gradually making them available to Chrome 83 users.

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