Google Chrome for Android with Safe Browsing for Everyone

Google is reportedly testing new features for greater security in your mobile web tours. So the Chrome for Android update adds Safe Browsing support to the app.

Safe Browsing will alert you when you try to visit a potentially dangerous website.Google Chrome Android Safe Browsing

If you use Chrome on a computer, you may have encountered a red warning screen that appears when a site is likely to contain malicious software, phishing scams or, in general, it is not that safe.

The same red page will now appear in the Android app.

Let's mention that the function existed as optional by 2013.

To feature on most mobile devices, Google had to compress the data as much as possible, making the software use less memory and processor resources.

So updating Chrome for Android in 46 has the new feature for everyone.

If you do not see it, check the privacy menu in the application settings. The Best Technology Site in Greecegns

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